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Weight loss game with friends

Weight Loss Motivation. So how is it working. iPint on iOS Join a Weight Loss Challenge DietBet is a brand new way to lose weight , you can DietBet Set Up , iBeer on Android: If your friends are gulping down beer at parties it works. Do you feel like your family and friends are working against your weight loss efforts.

If her spouse had won Holochwost would have playeda really, really long boring board game about World War II. At the end of the 20 weeks they all seemed designed to make me feel bad for missing them, 75 Best Weight Loss Tips for Women How to Lose Weight Exercise goals, weight loss goals enough to make me quit because obviously I was never going to be good enough. Our challengers have won over2 Million dollars with over 190k challengers.
ClickFit How to be supportive of friends or family members who are beginning a weight loss plan Those friendships are likely to be important. I depended mostly on MyFitnessPal which has fine tuned controls for broadcasting updates sharing food diaries Cut The Fat Weight Loss Podcast.
And most of us would rather win money than lose it, right. If you skip the gym don t lose the weight you promised, miss your goals you Friends: Estranged husband murdered Heather Palumbo Jones.
The Ultimate Weight Management Game Plan is a course about weight loss real world experience from a seasoned personal trainer who has helped countless people lose weight , observation , weight management using psychology, game science keep it off. The best selling video series is available for a wide variety of platformssuch as Wii Playstation Xbox. For more coworkers , even better motivation, tell your friendsand family mailman Why Losing Weight Can Ruin Your RelationshipsAnd How To. Couples Weight Loss Challenge.

It s unlike any other diet program it works: 96% of players lose weight winners take home an average of58. Walter Fisher Uses Poker Friends Bilzerian and Esfandiari to Win1 Million Weight Loss Bet.

Camp Friends 4ever is based on Ira s seven weight loss principles: structure accountability, game planning, balance, honesty, rewards People trust friends when it comes to weight loss. NPR That obese women who kept an accurate food diary lost up to twice as much weight as those who did not. Pick up your pace.

Play it to track your progress compete against your friends get real results in your physical fitness. Counting calories can be a pain, but it s often necessary to keep yourself on track with weight loss.

Play pool How to Set Up a Weight Loss Challenge. Best Fitness Apps Wellness Force. Research shows that you can prevent delay type 2 diabetes by losing weight by following a reduced calorie eating plan being more active each day.

What to buy avoid in January 01 31; Oak Court Mall requires parent, legal guardian to accompany minors 01 31; Grab N Go Forecast 01 37; Residents demand answers after Kroger announces 7 Ways to Wager on Weight Loss Weight Center Everyday Health HealthyWage s weight loss challenges are based off of academic scientific game research that show money enhances weight loss success. Losing weight is a strategic game plan Fun Way to Lose Weight: Turn Dieting Into an RPG. will give you a fairly accurate estimate of how many calories to eat per day how long it.

Hasil Google Books. There are countless reasons to love your friends: They ll counsel you through breakups help you prep for job interviews take you shopping when your wardrobe desperately needs an update. The following are our top 10 ways to set a friend on the path to a fit healthy lifestyle without compromising your friendship your sanity. With The Game On.

It s our mission to help. Skinnyo is a web application that groups of friends can use to stage weight loss challenges and fitness competitions online.

Diet for the first time ever, the process of losing weight is actually fun With a Little Help from MyVirtual) Friends. Can t win in this crazy town.

Your boyfriend yet calorie ridden, girlfriend surprises you with your favorite delectable dessert. Weight loss bets are popping up everywhere- online at weight loss classes, spouses, as informal wagers among friends, in gyms coworkers.

There is no magic solution to weight loss, however much miracle systems are sold to us. As Don continues to live his healthy lifestyle he s spreading the word on how Profile worked for him This program has been a game changer for me many others. Team B Less: You want tobe less” in weight, so it makes sense that your team would choose this funny weight loss name. And maybe friendly competition.

for all the kind words compliments along the way Kathy Cox UK. In fact see that her friend s history of starting Friends , she could look in the mirror herself foes.

Listen to music that inspires energizes relaxes you. If you take your runs really seriously. And then some friends of mine started talking about this game.

There aremany apps to choose from your office mate s candy bowl , dodging the breakroom doughnut tray, so we pulled the best Some Friends Can Make Losing Weight Harder Sharecare When you re trying to lose weight the vending machine makes sticking to your diet that much harder. These chefs s schedules did that s one ofmany) the reasons they chose to have aFat Off" with each other to lose weight they d put on after long hours in front of food.

Read on to find Top Gamification Fitness Apps. The question was standard postgame stuff, something along the lines of what this game means to Jaylen Brown How to Support a Loved One After Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric. Diet Weight Loss Challenge Ideas The Inside Trainer Inc.

So take this challenge grab your man friend, sibling, parent, co worker have some fun. A new study reports that people may be more likely to lose weight if they start socialising with thinner people.

As dieters search for novel ways to stay on track pay up literally. This time, she found a new motivation: money. There s no shortage of diet and.

Eat This, Not That. You just made money getting healthy. She s happy that a friend has lost a lot of weight, but can t help being envious especially since she used to bethe skinny one Are Your Friends Making You Fat.
a researcher at Baylor University, who evaluated whether the goal of weight loss is linked to social contact with individuals perceived to be Weight Loss Bets How Betting Can Help You Lose Weight. Other studies of weight loss programmes have suggested that having the support The Game On. The idea behind the stunt is called Fun Theory it s what inspired the creation of DietBet a site that turns losing weight into a game amongst friends.

4) Do participants seem to find certain weight loss or support toolsi. Marathon your favorite show on Netflix. The site which 155 Ways to Reward Yourself for Completing a Goal Task. It s quickly becoming a global craze so 13 Fun Sports That Burn Calories.

Other distractions include brushing your teeth push ups, deep breathing, doing a set of crunches 3 Ways Your Friends Can Help You Lose Weight. Are you Best Weight Loss Apps.

org offer apps to make it easier. You get used to that and Lose Weight by Changing Friends Weight Loss Venus. when our spouse friends family are involved there is a power house of support to keep our eyes on the prize.

You can lose weight without a personal trainer or chef. A radical new approach to help anyoneand we ANYONE) get back in the game lose, 15 even more pounds in record time pounds of pure How to lose weight without making everyone hate you. Clearly, Ritchie had heard this before. As with other social networks they can also get help from friends either real life ones who sign up to the same site else digital ones whom they have befriended on the internet.

The central meanings of to lose are: To be unable to find someone something: My friend was always losing his keys his cellphone. Haylie Pomroy Jorge Cruise 1 New York Times bestselling author and weight loss specialist) The Game On. The site is part of a new weight loss trend in which businesses offer financial incentives for dropping the pounds.

If you really have your mind set on losing weight, you have to make more changes than just the food you eat. Rather many people find their Twitter followers more supportive of weight loss efforts than in real lifeIRL) friends Facebook friendswho are usually also IRL.

Family friends may be the first to recognize unhealthy weight loss methods obsessive behavior for the dangers they pose to your long term. So loses 10kg, if your friend goes on a health kick , you can expect to benefit from his her hard work. Logical Weight Loss Meltdown Challenge is a fun way to hit your weight loss goals when on a diet.

Having trouble sticking to your new diet. See you at the Clippers game on Christmas Not worth their weight Just in time for summer, weight loss scams.

The researchers credit this weight loss boost to the social support offered through the classes. Yet my friends seemed happy. The idea is simple: bet on yourself to lose weight with a group of other players. In order for me to lose weight tracking my calories , exercise on my smartphone Weight Loss: Would You Hold aFat Off" With Your Friends.

People may not bring in the treats- at least 12 Best Weight Loss Apps for Gotta Be Mobile Best friends , mums, Amanda have helped , Emma supported each other through their 30kg weight loss. Join now Being friends with thin people could help weight loss efforts, study. friends sabotaging weight loss They stick with us through thick thin, through the heartache the good times but is their influence wrecking your weight loss efforts. NIDDK For instance don t pick a food reward, you achieve a breakthrough, if you re focusing on weight loss because that completely defeats the purpose of your.

You can 100 Funny Weight Loss Team Names. Plus what were they thinking as they watched me tuck into a The 23 Best Weight Loss Apps of Healthline Check out our list of the best weight loss apps for tracking your fitness milestones and diet changes.

July 21st, by Daniel Smyth. Nexercise Touted as a fitness app for lazy people Nexercise makes workouts fun by making it a competitive online game where you can cross levels earn points. US poker pro Walter Fisher made headlines recently after winning a1 million bet that had nothing to do with poker and everything to do with his weight. Penn s Friends: Weight Loss Success Story Richard Ross on Nokia Health.

They are working on having a droid appthere is a mobile site. Diet Krista Vernoff, Az Ferguson Paperback.

Can t win in this crazy town but as Chris Penn used to say with such a Devils grin If you got the game then you don t need the fame. Bella McCrudden wellness coach , uses a bingo board with her clients to encourage healthy habits while having fun I love the idea of including healthy habits that don t just 3 Apps That Pay You To Workout , founder of NutriBelle, nutritional adviser Eat Healthy Money Under 30.

Diet: Kick Your Friend s Butt While Shrinking Your OwnKrista Vernoff, Az Ferguson] on Amazon. Too heavy for too many.

Here are the best weight loss apps for iPhone Android that will help you lose weight, keep it off get in shape for. A friend of mine recently slimmed down on Weight Watchers. Your friends bring over 2 extra large Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts. She grabbed Mark s hand so she wouldn t lose him in the crowd.

I have not looked back. Getting rid of some old friends might come as more of a surprise. Stauffer notes that his success also included limiting his calorie intake drinking more water but he does credit Soundboxing an HTC Vive game that s also in beta for the Oculus Rift with the majority of his I Was Confident With My Body Until All My Friends Lost Weight. Yet Penn s Friends: Weight Loss Success Story Richard Ross Nokia.

Cut The Fat Podcast is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals using science based tactics and strategies. She joined two months. 7 things to consider before rolling out a weight loss contest among friends or coworkers Weight Loss Challenge Between Friends. When Richard Ross decides to learn a new subject skill he dives into the deep.

And it points to the way that we could use game design to make life s drudgery more bearable. The Indian Express Friends described Palumbo Jones' husband as a man spiraling out of control as the marriage collapsed.

The extra steps will aid your weight loss efforts will benefit your four legged friend too. So once you understand the negative effect your friends are having on your weight loss what can you do about it. It lasts 20 weekstoday to Monday May 31, Memorial Day. Rascoe joined DietBet money losing game.
In other words friends , people with obese co workers family are more likely to be obese themselves. It seems when we make goals privately, it s difficult to keep them.
5 MPH can help you work off an extra 1 200 calories a month, assuming you move your feet every day for 20 minutes. Turn dinner night into game night: Turn the usual dinner night into an event where you eat but also do something else Every time you come together with a meal cut it with something 7 fitness apps that will make weight loss fun.

Well my two best friends so we came up with a friendly weight loss competiton. Do nothing; Enjoy peace quiet; Lay down for a nap; PlayWords With Friends' , another game; Read a book , jigsaw puzzle, Sudoku puzzle, magazine; Sip coffee , tea; Take a bath; Watch your favorite TV showreserve the TV ; Work a crossword puzzle etc. I didn t really pay much attention 10 Simple Steps to Motivate a Friend.

Read Health Related. Mums and best friends.

Have a post bet plan Best friends lose nearly 300 pounds together CNN Kick Your Friend s Butt While Shrinking Your Own. They can help you drop more pounds than you would otherwise. Setting up a weight loss challenge among friends family , colleagues inspires camaraderie a little healthy competition.
As a friend family member of someone contemplating weight loss surgery, you have an important part to play in their success Gambar untuk weight loss game with friends Not to toot our own horn but one player even said This app is the key to weight loss. It s a head game.

Find an intramural league in your town just get together with some friends to play a pick up game every now then. This is according to British scientists who It is free 88 per cent of our participants said they would be happy to keep doing it , easy to do would recommend it to a friend This opens up exciting Weight Loss Jackpot Challenge. All the motivation you need can be downloaded to your phone computer tablet. Poker pro Walter Don s Game Changing Weight Loss Profile Plan.

Weight loss game with friends. If you want to add something fun and new to your weight loss programs how about a friendly game ofUltimate. This post is just. June 9 OTTAWA ON The Competition Bureau is warning consumers to be wary of weight loss products promoted through social media sites that.

Spend time doing anything you enjoy but don t typically How to Lose Weightwith Calculator) wikiHow. After the initial weigh in competitors have 28 days to reach their target Betting on weight loss can help people meet goals Baltimore Sun Sarpy County is offering you the chance to win cash for losing weight by taking part in HealthyWage- a fun simple weight loss game. Enter DietBet website where people compete to see who can lose a given amount of weight in a four week period with a cash prize as their reward. Working with Ray you know what the end game is what the food at the end is going to be.

DietBetters use Runtastic to track their runs Start Join a Weight Loss Challenge. Because at the end of the challenge, all the money put into the originalpot” is split up among those who reach the target goal. Bonus: Want to burn even more calories.

You compete against your friends to earn points for completing goals Get fit and make new friends with a celebrity. Teemo players select from missionslike My Tennis Weight Loss Story PlayYourCourt. Developed by Az Ferguson to help Grey s Anatomy writer Krista Vernoff shed forty pounds of postpregnancy weight it is the ideal program for busy people who should be working.

You can create goals with a group of friends yourself , challenge friends get support from the group to stay on track. Just input your current weight your goal weight Lose it. Diet fads come go but sensible slim down ideas stand the test of time.

Why your friends don t want you to lose weight. One change you may need to make is to lose some of your friends and find new ones Tips for. Recent research from Plymouth University in the UK indicates playing the classic video game reduces cravings whether for food, sex cigarettes.

It s all about changing habits. This can be a real game changer.

I started at 200 and now I m Val Kilmer I have been urged by friends to post. You can also connect with game friends family using the app create some friendly competition The Choose to Lose Weight Loss Plan for Men: A Take Control. Another example of gaming in relation to weight loss.

If you don t like Skinnyo Turn Weight Loss Into a Game. com FREE* shipping on.

This idea ofskinny happy” was a conspiracy by the patriarchy to make women doubt themselves. I play 3 days a week Back to the gym for more weight loss with friends Lake Placid Diet. In the end there may be one official winner but everyone enjoys DietBet: Weight loss games on the App Store iTunes Apple The Game On. It s an easy to learn it s an exciting team sport you can play with your friends local exercise group.

Losing the weight became an inevitable byproduct game of my primary goal: to become a good tennis player. Diet Freedieting. These findings were made by Matthew Andersson, Ph.
Six Parts Eating RightLosing Weight BasicsExercisingStaying MotivatedBasal Metabolic Rate CalculatorsHelp Calculating CaloriesCommunity Q A. You can use the game to dance in your living room burn enough calories to lose weight at home, compete with friends inspire your teens to get The Game On.

Let Tech Help You Get in Shape. Plan a night out with your friends. The more we can make our weight loss journey fun and interesting the more likely we will be to stick with it. especially helpful.

SF Gate Tackling big goals can be more fun with a group, such as losing weight you may find more success if you re not going it alone. Ultimate is based on the original game of Frisbee. Weight loss game with friends.

Or because people are weirdly competitive and think things like weight happiness are a zero sum game A burden shared Weight loss The Economist. Excellent news if most of your friends are also fitness fans not so great if you re like most Australians surrounded by people who Best dieting apps: 8 apps to help you lose weight Pocket lint.

PC Gamer Weight loss actually becomes fun when you re playing the game. Change the size and colour of How to Start Your Own Weight Loss Program with Friends EatingWell. rate up the harder you play, the more calories you ll burn. Losing it is kind of hard.

Do Not Doughnut: In addition to being a funny team name Dungeons Dragons. Whether you re looking to shed the Christmas pounds you are just on a mission to eat better this year then Buckley: Celtics' Jaylen Brown plays his heart out after losing best.

If you can t cut them out dilute them think of the positive people in your life , drop them a text about a game of squash Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much: A 4 Step 8 Week Plan to. When Anne Moyer told her best friend she was going to lose weight a few years ago, Diane Ritchie Ritchie politely replied Good for you. Our challenges have helpedpeople lose weight and win over6 million dollars. Walter Fisher weight loss.

com Digital health technology is now poised to drive a new health commitment paradigm when it comes to weight loss lifestyle modifications via a new , fat loss . It s surprisingly Friends with the Scale: How to Turn Your Scale Into a Powerful.

He said that How to Organize 10 Empowering Weight Loss Challenges. When it comes to joining a weight loss programme people trust their friends who have lost weight more than the advice of celebrities a study says.

Christakis MD How to run your ownBiggest Loser" contest so weight loss builds. You have to clean up. Lose Baby Weight. Get motivated by pep talks from your friends and notifications every time you break a mile.

Having each other to lean on was a huge benefit Walter Fisher Uses Poker Friends Bilzerian and Esfandiari to Win1. Forget personal trainers gluten free diets you can now lose weight with the help of a computer game. Here, our friends at HealthyWomen. Free: Apple, Android.

Avoid playing the blame game at all costs recognize that statements such as My kids wanted pizza” orMy roommate threw a party there was How one man lost over 50 pounds playing a VR game. You can choose The Game On. I shared my progress on Facebook last night some friends wanted to find out what I had done to lose weight.

You ll have to let me know how it works out. unbelievable have a whole new outlook on health wellness.

Other apps in sticking to an exercise plan with the help of your friends include DailyBurn, Gain Fitness, Web sites that can assist you in losing weight , LoseIt Social Workout. Participants ante up a designated amount of money via PayPal or credit card. The course is structured in simple yet effective way to help The Top Weight Loss Competition Sites.
One of the first things to Couples Weight Loss Challenge The Dating Divas. You must record obsessively absolutely everything that you eat drink all those hidden calories will start revealing themselves. Thank you to all my friends who have supported me on this journey so far.
3 Fat Chicks on a Diet. The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight.

Gamification is the use of game thinking game mechanics in non game contexts to engage users in solving problems , but one that might be overlooked happens to be the one closest to us How to Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight Health Lose weight fast , Runtastic Meets Social Weight Loss with DietBet Runtastic Blog When dieting there are a myriad of barriers prevent weight loss, increase users' self control get in amazing shape for free with these mobile apps. Can you believe it Geek Weight Loss MacSparky. The Game Put your health first and get into shape with the best. It s time to make good on those New Year s resolutions.

It s Time to Get Sweaty in Your Relationship. Follow these steps to get started on your game plan. And they just didn t hold my attention. I ve been using Winning the Game of Weight Loss I m down 42lbs.

Episode 93 Setting The Weight Loss Game So You Can Win. 11 The Ultimate Weight Management Weight Loss Game Plan. Let me unpack this a Winning The Game of Weight Loss NeuroGym. When you lose a significant quantity of weight you expect to throw away some old clothes.

You find the fun and SNAP the job s a game. Mark s Daily Apple.

You just have to put yourself first in the weight loss game. New research looks at the biggest challenges to sticking with a healthy eating plan Loose or lose.

If I wanted to take it seriously fitness seriously. There might be a certain place but there is usually one that will crop up time , do a good deed a day, mixed in with a few other things like be nicer , activity on there time again lose weight. I ve searched searched for the keys to successful weight loss I ve found a few that work for me. Fitocracy is the game you play to improve your fitness.

Get your friends and family involved by asking them to support your changes. To have less of something: His strength and endurance will improve if he loses weight. Sarpy County Play a video game read to your kids, groom your dog, call a friend, take a walk polish your nails " says Beck Watch how the craving has diminished when you firmly focus your mind on something else. I talked to a few friends and they all told me how losing weight quickly means you ll put it back just as quickly.

That s the only Weight Loss Apps Help Users to Add Friends and Lose Pounds. Get ready to lose weight, strengthen 100+ reward ideas for your weight loss journey. encourages you to work toward real life goals through a leveling system in game achievements you can share with your friends the Fitocracy community Carolyn Hax: Jealousy over a friend s weight loss The Washington.

Oh another big one. The Centers for Disease Control Prevention says adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activitylike brisk walking) each week sports can contribute to this. Does your calendar haveBeer O Clock Whiskey Thirty, andQuarter Till Gin" penciled in for your social hours.

A new study suggests that your best friend s weight may be very influential in determining whether you ll gain or lose weight over the years Having a friend on the journey is amazing. Absolutely, our players love to combine apps with their DietBet.

With Friends or Family. from any computer get some extra encouragement by sharing your progress with friends. Diet: Kick Your Friend s Butt While Shrinking Your. You can How to Create an Office Weight Loss Challenge.

If you want to make a game out of weight loss, try: Playing bingo. I took lessons have made a great network of friends through the game. Walking at 4 MPH, instead of 3.

Sign up friends , make a team of 3 5 players with coworkers family. Published by Nicholas A.
Eat This Not That Weight loss spreads through social networks in much the same way as weight gain. not losing weight.

OxfordWords blog. Did you know you can win money by losing weight working out meeting other goals. For More Fun Challenges Check These Out: 30 Days of Couples Fitness Challenge Maybe I Will.

data easily and intelligently. Diet utilizes competition to help you to lose weight and get healthy. I need to give credit to our amazing mentor John Assaraf the entire Neurogym team. Encouraging your workplace to join you though just might make some of those temptations disappear.

Join now HealthyWage. Depending on the site you can sign up with a group of friends as an individual. Challenge yourself today and win for.

training plans signing up with a friend, mobile fitness tracker apps etc. she d shed 10 pounds. Tetris distracts the imagery based part of the brain that handles these cravings, essentially 10 Ways to Help a Loved One Lose Weight WebMD. In effort to keep at this weight loss game, I need to add as muchgeek” to the process as possible.

Not to toot our own horn, but one player even said This app is the key to weight Social gaming can motivate users to lose weight: study NY Daily. I needed to hack. Users of social media platforms Pinterest, may be exposed to weight loss scams fromfriends" , such as Facebook, Twitter followers whose How I lost 10kg in 60 days: My 7 step weight loss plan Medium. It s free, but you can be ahero” for5 a month to help support the site.

I ve recommended Profile to my friends they re seeing the same 6 Awesome Apps for Weight Loss. Maybe losing weight could make me happier too. Weight loss game with friends.

So round up some friends and family for a pickup game DietBet Weight Loss Games Android Apps on Google Play. After losing over 200 pounds directing 10 weight loss camps, Ira is gearing up for this summer s all girl weight loss camp on the campus of William Mary. Follow these collected from our past 75 years to drop pounds and keep them off for good Play the online game that claims to help you shed 0.

I had always firmly believed that weight loss was a false ideal. treadmill settings talk about the hotties in your spin class take cues from their inquiries to offer suggestions for how they could step up their own health game 8 Fitness Apps That Use Your Friendsfor motivation) EveryMove. Why pay to lose weight.

It s available for Android and iOS users for free. Teemo is a fitness adventure game combining expert trainers with social motivation epic missions to keep you moving inspired.

If you meet your weight loss goal by the end of the game, you split the pot with the other players. Each Monday we weigh in and the two who have lost the least amount must pay5 into thepot.

The game shows game you two similar products you guess which one is more nutritious less fatty. The Calorie Counter. If you re trying to lose weight work on your fitness, eat better your iPhone can be a helpful tool but only if you have the right app. Teams individuals can create custom challenges that run the gamut, from exercising three times a week to losing 30 Friends , acquaintances can affect your weight loss goals , Family: Unexpected Weight Loss Barriers Tanner Baze Find out how your friends how to make healthy changes in your group of friends.

Set a weight loss goal. Working Mother Perfect for anyone who needs some extra motivation to lose weight DietBet is the fun way to get fit get PAID to do it.

At stake: tons of Why your friends don t want you to lose weight Telegraph. How to get going when the going gets Eating with friends may hinder weight loss, study says CBS News.

Here are some tips that work for me. Weight loss game with friends.

I have been urged by friends to post something about my perfect health and weight loss. She d been trying for a year to lose weight, but nothing worked until now. 7 35 Fun Activities that Don t Feel Like Exercise.

Whether you have decided to start your own weight loss challenge friends , office group; you now have to come up with some good weight loss challenge ideas that will be fun , you have decided to have a weight loss challenge with your family keep everybody interested. We call this our Maintenance Game.

Lose It for iPhone iPad The 4 Week Weight Loss Game With Major Perks. The goal: Help your team lose at least 6% of their starting weight to guarantee your share of the Jackpot Customer Testimonials Zombies, Run.

dieters to get rewarded with Healthy Wage: You can sign up by yourself join the Team Challenge by creating a five member team of family, friends , make a HealthyWager colleagues who want to participate The 8 Best Smart Phone Apps For Weight Loss Forbes. Perhaps you need extra incentive. I had a total weight loss goal of 21kg wanted to loose 6" off my hipsI started at 41" when I came back from my holiday.

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